Give Me Liberty, or Give Me Death!
Richard Henry Lee;
Historic St. John's Church
Thomas Nelson, Jr. (swing)



Oswald, 24 Hour Theatre Festival Agent Roman Lynn Theatre / Will Cloud, dir.
Remembering Pearl Harbor Lt. Gen. Walter Short Quill Theatre / Melissa Johnston-Price, dir.
Eschewal, Adrenaline Theatre Fest Paul Sneed Shafer Street Playhouse / Ike Anderson, dir.
The Holly Follies II The Choir Director Grace Covenant Presbyterian / J. Chenoweth, dir.
Gone With The Play, Red Eye 10 Festival Doug Chamberlayne Actors Theatre / Stephan Ryan, dir.
The Lonely Smoker The Smoker Richmond Playwrights Forum / J. Chenoweth, dir.
Conversation With A Gun The Gunfighter Smithfield Little Theatre / self directed
Believe Marty Goldweiss The Shop / Helene Wagner, dir.
Twelve Stage Readings multiple characters Gottwald Playhouse / Va. Screenwriters Forum
Fibber McGee/Jack Benny The Great Gildersleeve On The Air Radio Players / Granville Scott, dir.
You Heard It Here, First The Mayor On The Air Radio Players / H. Lynn Smith, dir.
The Louis Slotin Sonata Harry Daghlian Carpenter Science Theatre/VCU / Larry Gard, dir.
Copenhagen Niels Bohr Sycamore Rouge / Thomas Gordon, dir.
The Spanish Tragedy The Duke of Castile Henley Street Theater / John Michael MacDonald, dir.

The Night Thoreau Spent in Jail
Sam Staples
Henley Street Theater / Alex Previtera, dir.
The Diary of Anne Frank Otto Frank Chesterfield Children's Theatre / Tracey Frame, dir.
Christmas Follies Scrooge Chesterfield Children's Theatre / Tracey Frame, dir.
The Music Man Charlie Cowell Henrico Theatre Co. / Joe Pabst, dir.
You Can't Take It With You Paul Sycamore Fort Lee Theatre / Amy Berlin, dir.
School of the Performing Arts in the Richmond Community:
The Day the Trailer Park Stood Still scientist Callie Byron Donnelly, dir.
2 Thessalonians 2:1-4 multiple characters Walter Schoen, dir.
  Dead End MacArthur, gravekeeper Ted Boelt, dir.
    Blood Lake Seasonal Attraction multiple characters Quick Pulse Entertainment

The Court Leet

Jury Foreman

Agecroft Hall







Henricus Historical Site
Henricus Militia  

Patriot, Musketeer photos by Chris Cullinan | Sam Staples photo by Laurie Folmer